2018-09-20 - Izazi - Kusile

The Izazi construction site at Kusile was our destination yesterday morning.

As the Kusile powerstation is a national key point, entry and exit, as well as what may and may not be photographed, is a strictly contralled affair and takes quite a while to sort out each time we work there.

It was a hot but blustery day, meaning dust clouds and haze - not the best conditions for top quality photos. We had to use a lot of patience , waiting for those little breaks in the wind to get each shot.

2018-09-11 - Electra Mining


The Electra Mining Expo is taking place at the Johannesburg Expo Centre , Nasrec again this week. It is as big and busy as always - or so I’m told, this being my first time attending.


Yesterday, we photographed the Schauenburg exhibition stand and the team manning the exhibit.

We also photographed Zaheer’s film crew from One Way Up doing their thing.

After finishing up the photoshoot, we had a bit of time to walk around, chat to people and drop in on some of our other clients who are also exhibiting this year, such as BASF, Ansell, Voith, etc.

We chatted to a few current, past and future clients, met some interesting people and saw all sorts of weird and wonderful equipment looking far too clean and bright for the real world.

Marinda was cornered by Platinum Gold Radio and agreed to be photographed holding the cardboard selfie-frame …

2018-09-05 - Rooftops and Gutters - Axsys

IMG_4875 2.jpg

Started the day early in order to be on time for photographing the sunrise from the rooftop at Axsys.

Solar panels, electrical installations, formal portraits, training sessions and yes, stormwater drains, all formed part of today’s subject matter.

Chrissi did a great job of setting everything up, then ended up sick in bed on the day of the photoshoot.

2018-09-03 - Think Tank Airport TakeOff


Think Tank makes the best travelling bags for photographers.

The Airport TakeOff rolling camera bag is my number one travelling necessity. It can pretty much carry half a studio, plus a fair bit of office, in relative comfort.

I usually fit in two pro-sized Canon camera bodies with my "most used" lenses attached, plus two additional lenses (all with lens caps), light meter, all the spare batteries, memory cards and filters I would normally use, as well as my laptop, tablet, phone and chargers for all the above. There’s even a stretchable side pocket for storing a compact tripod or monopod.

There are enough outside pockets to store pretty much eveything you may need in a hurry and a few waterproof zip pockets inside as well. More than enough compartments to keep everything organised - from backups of my paperwork to business cards, emergency medical kit to cash, sunglasses, prescription glasses, recreational reading ... everything but the kitchen sink.

With two of these - the second to carry Profoto lights, the “just-in-case” extra camera body, batteries, the make-up kit for portrait subjects and all the bits and pieces that didn’t fit in the first bag, you really do have everything you need at your fingertips.

The bag is made from fairly water-repellent, abrasion resistant material (featuring ballistic nylon and coated fabric) and has tall skid plates on the bottom that help protect the bag and your equipment from moisture, abrasion and dust, while the padded inside and padded, touch-fastening dividers cushion everything from shocks.

The dividers are all movable and removable and can fasten anywhere and in any orientation inside the case, so the layout is completely customisable. The sturdy YKK zippers are lockable, with the bag sporting a security cable as well.

The 80mm wheels are well designed, quiet and big enough to handle most terrain, and the telescoping handle is actually long enough at full extension so even a tall guy doesn't look like a knuckle-dragging gorilla when pulling it along. But the bag also has a neat set of tuck-away padded shoulder straps for those situations where the wheels can't cut it. Lastly it sports the traditional side carrying handle. as well as a top carrying handle with a second handle at the bottom - just in case you have to go fording rivers with the case held on your head ...

Lastly, at 355mm x 530mm x 220mm, it falls neatly within the size parameters most airlines have for carry-on bags. Which means even if they lose your luggage or leave it behind at OR Tambo International, you'll still have your most important equipment.

2018-08-20 - Farm life - Molatek - Vrede


He may be de-horned, but this bull still has an intimidating stare.

We are spending two days photographing cattle, sheep, maize fields, farmers, farm workers and generally everything around the farm for Molatek.

Today was a loooooong day.

Left Pretoria before the sun was up and worked until well after sundown.

Tomorrow we get to start photographing before sunrise and will probably not make it back to Pretoria before sundown.

Lukily the beds at the Vrede Hotel are soft and comfortable. Because my pillow is calling already.