2018-09-05 - Rooftops and Gutters - Axsys

IMG_4875 2.jpg

Started the day early in order to be on time for photographing the sunrise from the rooftop at Axsys.

Solar panels, electrical installations, formal portraits, training sessions and yes, stormwater drains, all formed part of today’s subject matter.

Chrissi did a great job of setting everything up, then ended up sick in bed on the day of the photoshoot.

2018-08-20 - Farm life - Molatek - Vrede


He may be de-horned, but this bull still has an intimidating stare.

We are spending two days photographing cattle, sheep, maize fields, farmers, farm workers and generally everything around the farm for Molatek.

Today was a loooooong day.

Left Pretoria before the sun was up and worked until well after sundown.

Tomorrow we get to start photographing before sunrise and will probably not make it back to Pretoria before sundown.

Lukily the beds at the Vrede Hotel are soft and comfortable. Because my pillow is calling already.

2018-03-09 - I need more Coffee ...

WhatsApp Image 2018-03-09 at 07.21.10.jpeg

Way too early to be sitting here trying to look awake.  Going to need a lot of coffee.

We have a photo and video shoot at a school in KwaZulu-Natal this morning.  Plane is boarding at 05:25, so Zaheer and I had to be on the road at 04:00 this morning to get all the camera equipment checked in on time at O.R. Tambo International. 

I am getting too old for this.

2018-02-02 On the road again ...


A commercial photographer's life is lived mostly on the road or in the air these days.  Limpopo today, next week will be mostly Gauteng and then off to KwaZulu-Natal.  This photo was taken from the car earlier, using my phone.

Shooting in and around Malelane today.  For those of you who have never been to South Africa, Malelane is a town in Limpopo on the border of the Kruger National Park.  

Check it out in Google Maps if you want.

We were on the road at 02:00 this morning and won't be home until late.