2018-05-22 - KwaZulu Natal - Behind the Scenes

Discovery Foundation Awards week two.

This week we are in KwaZulu Natal, photographing doctors at various regional and district hospitals.  

The KwaZulu Natal Health Department has some very helpful people in the communications and public relations fields who have been assisting us in getting permission to photograph doctors and patients in their facilities.

We are staying at Jakita's Guest House in Ballito - absolutely wonderful - you can book your Ballito stay at  


2018-04-10 Instagram or Pinterest?

What's your favourite platform for sharing your photos and pictures?  

I enjoy using Instagram for my behind the scenes glimpses and some of my favourite photographs.  

It is fast, easy, allows a decent number of tags / cross-posting and lets me keep the photos and videos for a shoot in the same post.  It also gets me some decent feedback. 

The only downside to Instagram is the aspect ratio limitations - having to give banners and panoramas a border just to enable you to upload can be a bit of a chore.

Pinterest Boards are great for themed collections and allow all sorts of aspect ratios, but the social interaction is much more limited.  

On the plus side, pins on Pinterest can point directly at the original photos on your other platforms, making it great for pointing interested parties in the direction of your other work.

So which do you prefer?