2018-07-25 - Port Elizabeth & East London - Discovery Foundation Awards

We arrived Sunday evening and spent a relaxing evening in Summerstrand.

Monday started the whirlwind again. Four hospitals in three days. Luckily the weather is fine, the hospital staff are friendly and the accommodations at The Blue Lotus Guest House in Summerstrand are heavenly.

2018-06-01 - Western Cape - Behind the Scenes

Discovery Foundation - Week 3 - Cape Town and Athlone

Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at 11.42.48.png

Tuesday we started shooting at Grootte Schuur Hospital.  Alaric and his people have been very helpful.  The doctors, nursing staff and even the patients at Grootte Schuur have been friendly, helpful and fun to work with.  We also joined up some special people working to help those affected by AIDS working out of mobile units and at a clinic in Athlone to photograph some of their work.

When she's not lugging equipment and taking all these "behind the scenes" shots, Michelle is on a mission to find the perfect cuppa in Cape Town.

2018-05-30 - Cape Town

Discovery Foundation Awards - Week 3 - Western Cape

We flew Mango to Cape Town on Monday morning.  The airport was completely crazy with people, colour and noise enough to wake the dead and seriously confuse the living.  Michelle and I had endless fun - ha - lugging equipment through airport traffic to the rental car.

We spent the rest of the day getting settled in, finding the best places to eat, admiring the views from Signal Hill,  and getting ready for the week's photoshoots at Grootte Schuur Hospital & UCT.