2018-05-11 - Bonsai - Watching a Master at Work

♦︎ 盆栽 ♦︎ ぼんさい ♦︎ bonsai 

On Monday we had another fun photoshoot with Antony Smith - a well known name among bonsai aficionados in South Africa.  Antony runs the Willow Bonsai Shop in Pretoria and is also in charge of the Bonsai Addicts club.


Antony also recently won the SABA Photographic Competition Indigenous section with a photo we took of his Ficus burtt-davyi nana (veld fig tree) of 14cm tall and a 3cm thick trunk (The same tree shown here).

Antony has been training this 12-year-old tree for the last 6 years.


Behind the scenes, we enjoyed coffee, conversation, laughter and an impromptu lesson on trimming and training bonsai.