2015-05-13 Netcare 911

Holy moly!!!!

Try standing with a soft box and a Profoto flash in your hand when this beast, a Bell 222UT Helicopter is landing!

What a challenging shoot!  Lights, camera and no action. Off went the Netcare 911 team to go and collect a patient. 2 Hours later .... Lights camera and no action and off they went. Finally we managed to do the shoot in between their flights.

The client was strapped onto the stretcher the Profoto lights were charged and we had one go at getting the shots. And one go only!

These people, pilot and medical staff are absolutely amazing.

We used Rand airport for the location. The airport staff were super accommodating and helpful.

3 x Profoto 7B packs were used to light the helicopter and the sun was used as a back light.

The shutter speed was 1/200 to freeze some of the action and to darken the background.

The down draft of the helicopter was incredible and we needed helpers to hold onto the lights.