2015-06-29 SEFA 2015- Duvha Foundry

Duvha Foundry is impossible to locate on your GPS.

But if you manage to find it! Wow, what a gem.

This place is a complete overload of your senses . It is hot, noisy and visually unreal. The colours, people and dust are some of the ingredients for amazing photography.

This is part of a project for SEFA 2015 annual report. Duvha Foundry is situated in JHB. They manufacture massive castings for the mining and industrial sector.

Step one: make the mold.

Step two: melt the steel.

Step three: cast.

Step four: finish and polish the casts.

Older technology works better in a dirty and dusty environment. My trusted Profoto 7B packs synced to my camera with an old fashioned sync lead is the way to go.

We tried our Pocket wizards PLUS III and Profoto Air remotes but the interference of all the electricity and steel was to much. The lights were put on heavy Manfrotto stands to keep them safe.

70-200 mm Canon lens was used for most of the shots,the lens giving me the necessary distance from the subject matter in a dangerous environment. Flying molten steel and sparks and camera equipment are not good friends.

This lens also helps with the depth of field and puts the background out of focus.