2015-05-07 Discovery Pioneers shoot 2

This was the second and third portraits of a series of shoots for Discovery Foundation 2015

The Brief was to capture the emotions and personality of the Doctors. The photography setup needed to remain the same for all the doctors. The challenge was to keep the setup small and portable so that we couldtravel all over South Africa.

A 4 light setup was used to create the portraits.

2 x Profoto D 1 lights were used as the back light and 2x Profoto B 1 with a beauty dish and a small Square Soft box was used in front.

All the photos were taken on a Canon 5D Mark III and a Canon 100 f2.8 macro lens was used. The 100 canon is n super sharp lens that never disappoints.

We travelled all over South Africa and met the most amazing people.

Shoot 2

Dr Ahmad Haeri Mazanderani

"The research will investigate the impact of antiretroviral prophylaxis on diagnostic sensitivity , and will inform local and international infant diagnostic practice" -Dr Ahmad Haeri Mazanderani



Dr Simnikiwe Mayaphi

"I see myself as a pioneer as I am working in an area that has huge potential to influence the existing HIV testing and treatment guidelines in South Africa"-Dr Simnikiwe Mayaphi