2015-03-13 Discovery Sharks

Passion, Commitment, Fun, this is photography at its best.

We were commissioned by Discovery to take photographs of the Sharks rugby team.

The brief was to take portraits and action photos of one of South Africa's top rugby teams before the start of the Super 14 rugby tournament. The client wanted dynamic lighting, serious poses and game changing moments. This is thelook we had to capture.

Time was an concern and the photo shoot had to be done in the changing rooms.


This shoot called for a big lighting setup. Sunshine company was our "go to guys" and they delivered as always.

We used 6 x Profoto B4 power packs to freeze motion. 5 xPro heads and one Profoto twin head..

This was a fun shoot, the players were down to earth and extremely professional.  The client was super cool.

Good luck for the Season

Behind the scene photos.