2018-10-19 - Calender Girls ♦︎ 盆栽 ♦︎ Bonsai ♦︎

We had a lot of fun setting up shots for the 2019 Bonsai calendar.

Now how does one mark a tree that size? Tikka having a quiet moment of contemplation.

Antony and Mavourneen Smith from Willow Bonsai provided the amazing selection of bonsai trees and also played model for some of the shots, along with their colleague Jessica - and of course our favourite blonde calendar model Tikka.

Bonsai Lovers have a treat in store for the new year!

And for all the worried moms out there - you don’t have to worry all that much, Tikka is the only model posing au naturel.

- The calendar will be available soon -

Keep an eye out for announcements on their Facebook page @willowbonsaishop and the Willow Bonsai website.

And once the calendar is out on the shelves, we may publish some of the funnier things that happened behind the scenes.

2018-10-17 - Behind the scenes with Stefanutti Stocks

The end of the year is approaching fast, which means another Sizimizele annual to get ready for publication.

We have shot hundreds of exposures throughout the year of the various Enterprise Development and Socio-Economic Development projects Stefanutti Stocks are involved in. Quite a few of those will end up in this year’s Sizimizele, but now it’s time to find those last few special shots for the front page and featured articles.

2018-09-20 - Izazi - Kusile

The Izazi construction site at Kusile was our destination yesterday morning.

As the Kusile powerstation is a national key point, entry and exit, as well as what may and may not be photographed, is a strictly contralled affair and takes quite a while to sort out each time we work there.

It was a hot but blustery day, meaning dust clouds and haze - not the best conditions for top quality photos. We had to use a lot of patience , waiting for those little breaks in the wind to get each shot.

2018-09-11 - Electra Mining


The Electra Mining Expo is taking place at the Johannesburg Expo Centre , Nasrec again this week. It is as big and busy as always - or so I’m told, this being my first time attending.


Yesterday, we photographed the Schauenburg exhibition stand and the team manning the exhibit.

We also photographed Zaheer’s film crew from One Way Up doing their thing.

After finishing up the photoshoot, we had a bit of time to walk around, chat to people and drop in on some of our other clients who are also exhibiting this year, such as BASF, Ansell, Voith, etc.

We chatted to a few current, past and future clients, met some interesting people and saw all sorts of weird and wonderful equipment looking far too clean and bright for the real world.

Marinda was cornered by Platinum Gold Radio and agreed to be photographed holding the cardboard selfie-frame …

2018-09-05 - Rooftops and Gutters - Axsys

IMG_4875 2.jpg

Started the day early in order to be on time for photographing the sunrise from the rooftop at Axsys.

Solar panels, electrical installations, formal portraits, training sessions and yes, stormwater drains, all formed part of today’s subject matter.

Chrissi did a great job of setting everything up, then ended up sick in bed on the day of the photoshoot.